About Me

I am a professional, reliable and hardworking individual who has an interest in seeking a career in the Business, IT, Banking and Finance Industry. My eventual career goal is to gain a role which allows me to further my knowledge and skills, as well as increased responsibility at a innovative company.

Height: 5"7

Eye Colour: Dark Brown

Hair Color: Black

Location: London, United Kingdom 

Work Experience and Training

Librarian - July 2016

Company Name - Stoke Newington Library

Location - 184 Church Street


Selecting, developing, cataloguing and classifying library resources

Using library systems and specialist computer applications

Management of staff, including requirement, training and/or supervisory duties

Liaising with departmental academic staff, external organisations and supplies

Managing budgets and resources and developing IT facilities


I have started my education in England in year 9 which was difficult for a student with a low knowledge of English literature and language, however my skills of perseverance, self-direction, synthesising information and adaptability, helped me improve drastically and I achieved grade B in GCSE RE in less than a year. These skills also helped me move from set 4 maths to set 1 in 3 months time and finally they helped me pass all of my GCSEs without any issues. I graduated from The Urswick School and I moved to New City college for further education.

Grades Achievements and Results

AQA English literature - Grade 4 

AQA English Language - Grade 4

Edexcel Mathematics - Grade 5 

AQA Art and Design - Grade 5

AQA Art and Graphics - Grade 5

Pearson BTEC sport - Merit


BTEC sport Award - Distinction 

Religious Studies - Grade B

Elements and applications i have used

Website Design

Online Business Portfolio


Presentation Skills


Gaming and VFX/ Maya

Personal Interests

Football/ Team sports

Playing piano


Special Skills

IT Skills

2D Animation

Photo editing in Photoshop

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